The Can Sports One Collective is founded on these 3 pillars:

  1. Passion.
  2. Community.
  3. Charity.

Sports are, first and foremost, a passion. The Can Sports One Collective (CSOC) begins with the idea that a national network can be built to report on and analyze all sports (be they professional, amateur, or minor leagues) by engaging those communities directly and allowing them to contribute, at their own speed and their own level. Each community and individual reader/contributor will get out of it exactly what they put in. Members will be able to share their passion through money, time, talent, or all of the above.

CSOC recognizes that opinions vary, but “community” is a language everyone can speak. We would like to encourage our members, contributors, and readers to be bold and loud about their love for sport, while being respectful and understanding toward their fellow community members. We hope to provide a forum, both literal and figurative, where people may gather for the purpose of sharing and discussing any sport-related topics.

In fulfilling our mission to bring sports news and opinion to the world, we also hope to help change the way some children experience sports. By centering our passion and talents around a newly formed charity, we hope to provide funding and support to kids and their families so that children, who may not otherwise be able to afford to play organized sports, can get in the game.

“No child should ever be forced to sit on the sidelines just because of their parent or guardian’s financial situation. Ever.” ~ From ‘Charity: The Third Pillar‘ by Mark Adam