North Pole Hoops in Winnipeg

Tariq and Elias Sbiet know about basketball. Their company, North Pole Hoops, deals with recruitment analytics. When scouts are looking for Canadian basketball talent, they often turn to NPH for their breakdown of a player’s strengths and weaknesses.

This weekend the Sbiet brothers are at Red River College in Winnipeg running the NPH Manitoba Showcase, which is one of twelve stops on the NPH National Showcase Circuit. There is a lot of talent here.

According to brother Elias, the goal of the circuit is to “identify, evaluate, and create exposure.” Identifying talent, evaluating the potential of the talent, and creating exposure for the potential breakout players is the main mission.

IMG_20170819_122946The players that have come here are hungry, and just love to play the game. Even on their lunch break, many of the attendees skipped their rest period and played one-on-one or practiced shooting.

After lunch, they’ll be put into a classroom scenario, part of which includes what Elias calls a “personal awareness” talk. This conversation is to set into reality the situation these kids are in. He promises that “we will see some of their jaws drop” when the information in the session is laid on them.


Mark Adam

Project Head for CSOne. | As a huge sports fan, Mark Adam is glad to bring his passion to this community. Through this community, he hopes CanSportsOne and the CanSportsOne Foundation can help reconnect people to the roots of the game and remind people why we all love to play.

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