Multiple Golds and CG Records for Team AB

Tonight was poised to be a record setting night for Team Alberta.

Cole Pratt
Cole Pratt, Team AB

According to an email sent by the official Canada Games media team, Cole Pratt of Calgary, Alberta, “could tie or break the Canada Games record for most medals in one Games.”

The email went on to say, “Pratt qualified in two final events this evening; with 8 medals earned at these games, he could tie or surpass the current Canada Games record set by Ray Betuzzi, who earned 9 medals at the 2005 Canada Games in Regina.”

With his 10th medal already in his possession at the time of this article’s posting, he somehow managed not to break the record.

Hanna Henderson
Hanna Henderson, Team ON

Ontario’s Hanna Henderson, also a swimmer, stole the wind from his sails by earning her 11th medal on the same night! Pratt does still hold the record for most medals in one Games by a male athlete, and also broke time-based records while earning his hardware, so he does have that to hold on to. Not too shabby for a 14-year-old, eh?

Alberta has all but owned the Pan Am pool during this year’s Games. All of this overshadowed some of the other amazing Alberta swim stories, like Avery Wiseman, who won 4 medals, 3 of which were Gold, plus broke time-based records herself.

I had an opportunity to speak with 4-time medalist and 200m Breaststroke Record Holder, Avery Wiseman, earlier this week.

These Albertans must have gills or something, the way they’ve dominated the aquatics at the 2017 Canada Games here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If their dominance here is any indication, the coaching and training programs they have are going to keep medals heading home with Team Alberta for quite some time.


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