Video: Rachel Hare (Interview & Bloopers)

We are doing our best to bring you the most coverage we can from these Canada Games. We are trying to bring a personal touch to all the interviews, videos, and articles.

Sometimes there are issues. Sometimes those issues are so bad that they’re comical.

Poor Rachel Hare of Team BC Women’s Basketball was the subject of a couple CanSportsOne issues. The rest of the games were going so smoothly for us, it’s almost hilarious that this one athlete had to put up with us over and over again.

We hope she finds the same humour in it that we do!


Mark Adam

Project Head for CSOne. | As a huge sports fan, Mark Adam is glad to bring his passion to this community. Through this community, he hopes CanSportsOne and the CanSportsOne Foundation can help reconnect people to the roots of the game and remind people why we all love to play.

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