NBA Conference Finals Recap

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Both Conference Finals in the NBA haven’t exuded much in terms of a fair battle. The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Boston Celtics. Yes, dominated. CanSportsOne’ Mark Adam stressed that because Boston won ONE game they automatically have a chance? Hmm? When your franchise’s best player goes down with a season-ending injury, it goes without saying that your team is on the verge of being done.

Averaging 23.3 ppg in this year’s postseason, Isiah Thomas being scratched creates a very tough reality for the Celtics. Without much consistency to rely on, Boston needed much efficiency from pretty much everyone else on their roster. The Celtics’ 3-point shot played the only role in competing against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Registering at only 5’9″, Isiah Thomas essentially put this Boston team on his back, carrying them through much of these 2017 playoffs.

With 2.4 3-pointers made per game and earning 7.4 free throw attempts, Isiah Thomas stepped up his game. However, it was not enough. His all-star regular season performance and another stellar night with 53 points in this year’s postseason couldn’t carry the Celtics to the promised land, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of the Celtics fans base. Isaiah Thomas’ season-ending injury was likely the dagger in the Celtics’ year.

LeBron James climbed the stats leaderboards once again. The King surpassed His Airness to now be the all-time leading postseason scorer. Closing out the Celtics in game five with a score of 135-102, Cleveland looks to repeat as NBA Champions. Controlling much of this Eastern Conference Finals, the Cavaliers dominated Boston on both ends of the floor. Having led by as many as 39 points in one game, Boston couldn’t stop the Cleveland attack. Repeating as Eastern Conference Champions, Cleveland enters the Finals with a 12-1 record.

The San Antonio Spurs met the Golden State Warriors in this year’s Western Conference Finals. The Warriors were crowned champions of the West for the third consecutive year. Props to their management group for assembling such an amazing roster. The Spurs may have had the playoff experience but the Warriors were just too much jam on the toast for San Antonio.

When a 39-year-old guard who is in his 15th season is your most consistent player, many contributions will be required by the rest of the team. Throughout this entire series, we didn’t see that. LaMarcus Aldridge didn’t make his presence felt at all. Poor defensive play and inconsistent shooting had the big man struggling against a surging Golden State.

The Spurs didn’t really have much of a chance coming into this series. If you were hoping for a miracle or a good underdog story, the Spurs were not going to be part of it. They do deserve credit for making it to the WCF but “almost” doesn’t cut it.

The Warriors swarmed the Spurs defensively causing breakdowns and havoc. Forcing much ball movement and making San Antonio come out of their comfort zone, the Warriors executed their game plan nicely.

San Antonio displayed much classiness by playing to the end, even though this series was more or less over before it began. Much like the Celtics, they didn’t quit. They played until the final buzzer. In the process, however, Manu Ginobili ran himself out of gas after the third game. LaMarcus Aldridge found out he doesn’t have the consistent shooting support to pass to out of a double team.

The Warriors looked just like everyone anticipated with Kevin Durant in the lineup, really good.

Being tested only once this WCF series, the Warriors had a huge comeback victory 113-111 in game one. From the point on in the series, Golden State didn’t win a contest by less than 10 points. Winning the next three games by 36, 12 and 14, the Warriors punched their ticket to The Finals in fine fashion. Kawhi Leonard went down with an ankle injury early in game one and that only exasterbated the already dire situation for the Spurs.

Golden State cruised past each team so far for the NBA Playoffs. Now 12-0, this record will be put to test as the Warriors look to avoid defeat. Tossing around the Spurs who have a top notch Hall Of Fame coach, this Warriors team is favoured by many to come out victorious in The Finals. With firepower all around, the Warriors’ arsenal includes a weapon at every position on the court, as was showcased through the first 3 rounds for them.

With a matchup against a familiar opponent, the Warriors postseason success will be tested against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Again.

With the Finals set for Thursday, June 1st, the Cavs will meet last season’s Finals opponent, The Golden State Warriors. This will be the third time in a row these 2 juggernauts will play for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.


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